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Greddy profec b 2

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Money is getting tight so i need to sell this its good condition comes with manual no box tho.

I'll get pics up on Monday when I'm back in work.

not sure what they go for so i'll say £200ono posted.
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cheers PM'd him
cheers PM'd him
And he's pmd you back...good spot dave..:bigthumb:
Prov sold to PaulGTR
i'm going to hold this at the mo due to me looking closer to it and realising the wires going in to the solenoid have snapped inside so i'm going to see if i can fix it if not i'll just save up get a replacement and just fit it to my r32 :D
pics of snapped wires:

i could have done with the cash but i'll probably just tough it out and keep this till i can fix it and fit it
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If you wanna sell just the controll unit itself then let me know. my set button is broke on mine.
to be honest i put it up for 200 because i needed £200 so no point selling it cheap as it is i might as well keep it lol
Right i have had it soldered now and it works so it's up forsale again to help towards buying another r32 :D
oh and £140 delivered :D
bumpo I'm open to offers on this guys
sold :D more money towards my next r32 :D
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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