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For sale, my own personal R32 GTR (not the garages) to make way for a 550bhp+ car.

1992 (July) BNR32 Skyline GTR.

Grey Met. 5 Speed. 68,414km. 42,700 miles.

Hifi with Cassette & multi changer, Fitted mats, Note that optional N1 front intercooler vents are fitted into the front bumper, also bonnet lip too. These are Nismo parts and are NO longer obtainable new.


Blitz Access ECU,
HKS Hypermax suspension - adjustable ride height and damping,
Nismo (we think) rear suspesnion arms top and bottom,
Uprated rear middle suspension arms (make not known),
HKS oil cooler and remote oil filter,
HKS exhaust front pipes,
Blitz NUR spec stainless steel exhaust - cat back (with removable baffle),
Catalytic converter removal pipe,
Blitz stainless steel mesh induction kit,
Uprated clutch - suspect it is a single plate as it is not noisey, this feels unworn.
Blitz 17" alloy wheels,
6 point roll cage - nicely fitted and does not restrict space in the front or back seats.
Variable fan controller (face missing)
Nismo 320kph speedometer,
Mines centre console boost gauge (up to 1.4 bar boost),
Apexi AVC-R boost controller (fitted by us),
HKS Turbo timer,
Full set of braided metal brake hoses,
Brake servo brace.
IBA Front strut brace.
Willans 4 point harness.

Auction was grade is 4. Condition is excellent.
This car also comes with service history, rare on Japanese imports. The history has details on about 10 services that the car has had although is not very ledgible for those without knowledge of
Japanese. From the look of the history it looks like the car has been serviced every 3,000kms - its a really well cared for car.

Also the car is only running standard boost currently so the engine has had very little strain put on it, I am fitting an Apexi AVC-R to bring the boost up to 1 bar boost and near to 400bhp.

The cars drives beautifully, suspension is firm but handling is very well balanced and leaves you feeling confident to push the car, steering is superb and very sharp. Power is delivered really cleanly as usual and it is just a really lovely car to drive!

This car is available for £11750 OTR.

The car is on the garages website -
if you want more details, email me but dont PM as I dont check them that often.




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Sorry dont have many decent pictures of the car yet, will post them once I take some (ASAP - whether provailing)
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