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Group Buy: HSD / CS1 / CS2 Coilovers

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This is an online only offer. Please carefully read this whole post before asking questions :)

This group buy will mean you get these prices:
HSD Monopro - £620 inc vat
Driftworks CS1 £620 inc vat
Driftworks CS2 £724 inc vat
Shipping to the UK is £12.25, and everywhere else in the world you can get your exact shipping cost when adding the deposit product to your basket.

Why the group buy?

The reason we are doing this group buy is because as of the last week of September we will have nearly 900 sets of coilovers in stock, and little old Driftworks 12,000 square foot unit will be bursting at the seams.
It's been two years since our last big HSD group buy, and it's likely to be at least the same again until we do this again so don't miss out on this unbelievable opportunity to own a set of the best coilovers in the market in the sub £1000 category with a huge discount!

Details about the coilovers available in this Group Buy

HSD MonoPro Coilover kits The perfect choice for daily driven cars that see's some track action. Not overly stiff, fully adjustable and one of the best all-round use coilover kits available.

Available for:

BMW: 3 series E36 and E46 (m3 and non m3 models), 5 series E39.

Nissan: S13, S14, S15 200sx/silvia, Skyline R32, R33, R34 GTSt, GTT and GTR models, Z32 300zx, Z33 350z.

Toyota: Supra Mk3 & Mk4 JZA80/JZA70, Altezza SXE10, Soarer JZZ30, Aristo JZS147 & JZS161, Chaser / Mark2 JZX90 & JZX100, MR2 SW20

Mazda: MX5 Mark 1 & 2, RX7 FC3S and FD3S, RX8 SE3P

Honda: Civic EG & EK & EP, Integra DC2 & DC5, S2000 AP1 - please note EP and DC5 models are out of stock until aprox November.

Mitsubishi: Evo 3,4,5 CP9A, Evo 6,7,8 CT9A

Subaru: Impreza GC8, GDB & New GDB

Driftworks CS1 Coilover Kits
For any cars that sees a bit more track/drift action. Identical design to the MonoPro but with stiffer spring rates (All CS1 kits use 9Kg Front and 7Kg Rear) more suited to track driving and finished in stealth black. An incredible value track/drift option.

Available for:

Nissan: S13, S14, S15 200sx/silvia, Skyline R32GTsT, R33GTSt, R34GTT

Driftworks CS2 Coilover Kits The very best coilover option available for under £1000! Spring rates and valve rates spec'd for track use, but due to the very high quality damping people still use them on the road. Slimmer springs and dampers for extra wheel clearance and Reinforced bracketry for strength and performance. These are the daddies that you will find on most of the championship winning drift cars in the UK and Ireland.

Available for:
Nissan: S13, S14, S15 200sx/silvia, Skyline R32GTsT, R33GTSt, R34GTT

If you want to see the full specifications for your application you can view the regular products in the shop here.

What will the full price be?

HSD Monopro - £620 includng vat for all models except E36 which has the extra castor adjustment so is £644.
Driftworks CS1 - All models £620 including vat
Driftworks CS2 - All models £724 including vat
Shipping to the UK is £12.25, and everywhere else in the world you can get your exact shipping cost when adding the deposit product to your basket.​

How to join the Group Buy

We require a minimum of just 60 sets to reach this discount level (last time it easily reached over 100 sets in time) Edit: We are already at 31 deposits received

To be part of the group buy you are required to pay a £100 deposit before the end of the day Sunday 14th October.
Purchase the Deposit product here: Driftworks 2012 Coilover Group Buy Deposit
Once you add the product to the basket it will reduce to £100, and you will pay your correct shipping cost at this time too.

What happens when we reach 60 deposits?
As soon as we reach 60 deposits received (no matter what date that is), we will e-mail all customers that have paid their deposit with details on how to pay the remainder, then once you've paid... your kit will be dispatched.

So, you're in a rush to get your coilovers?
Well you can help us to get the 60 deposits much quicker by letting as many people know about our group buy as possible, using other forums and Facebook etc. The sooner we reach 60 deposits, the sooner you will receive details can pay the remainder and receive your coilovers.

You can copy the url for this image and use it as your signature:

Want to pay your deposit? Click here!
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I would so buy one but i just cant afford this over 1 payment atm :( shame i cant buy them and pay slowly :(
Ohh pm me the finace options :) now this might just make my day
Ha sweet will check this out tomoz :) cheers James
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