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Group buy offer on hubcenrtric wheel spacers

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Hubcentric wheel spaces will ...

Allow you to bolt on different pcd alloys on,

Fit smaller alloys to larger calipers,

Give the car a wider look,

reduces risk of rollover,

Give Better traction and cornering,​

Guys, I would like to offer some very good prices on our wheel spacers we make

If we can get ten takers I can get the price down to £30+vat per spacer...
really need to offer some good prices to get our name out on here and show the quality of our cnc machining.

Our hubcentric spacer are the best, we manufacture thes for some big names in the automotive world.

We can also offer Hard anodizing at £3.50 per spacer - but is well worth it and will last forever,

Will machine these from 7075 alloy with a perfect finish with our logo on.

For this price we include

Spacer between 15-40mm with 12.9 high tensile 12.9 studs .

What we need to know

Spacer size ?
hub size?
pcd for hubs ?
pcd for wheels?
hard anodize yes or no ?

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i think ill need 4 20mm spacers for my gts-t also, how do the origonal studs clear the back of the wheel face?
sory i need 4 20 mm spacers and the clearance im worried about is the standard studs on my own hubs protruding through the spacer into the alloy wheel preventing the wheel from seating on the spacer
both are against my religion lol, ill have to check my wheels cheers
i checked my wheels and they have the appropiate clearance so i need 4, 20 mm spacers for r33 gts-t 5 bolt fitment sending pm now
1 - 4 of 30 Posts
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