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This is what we are best at guys! seeing as we are getting some interest in them now I wil start to make them up .

I will need some help with these though, fitment wise and what fits what .... plus I will need to borrow some stock pulleys, who ever lends me each pulley will basically get that pulley made foc if it is a small one, a crank pulley I will do 50% off

This is what I have found at work today and this is what I have....

rb26 crank
rb20 crank

rb26 power steering
rb20 power steering ..

These two both are "press fit" pulleys , we can make them but they are not easy to remove or install on your pump... just thought I would meation that!

cam pulleys- should fit all Rb models

bearing vee pulley tensioner - fits all

rb26 alternator

r33gts crank pulley

water pump- not sure what this one fits.

As above, this is what we do best... we can manufacture any pulley. So we can turn those hunks of junks above to these....


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If I wasn't selling mine I'd seriously be tempted

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Well I'm still interested in these . Orange looks sweet +1 also does the gold . Do you have a idea on prices ?
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