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gtr rebiuld gtr head rb30 bottom end

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hel lads im currently rebuilding a gtr engine nearly finiished but ive noticed that u can buy a rb30 bottom end kinda reasonable now for the sake of a few extra quid u would have the extra torque from the 3 ltr . i have few mods of the old engine like r33 2.5 box and sump 2 suit the gtr block for the conversion n1 oil pump n1 waterpump n1 thermostat few other things but i was wondering is it just the same as the rb26 block just bolt it up to the head and away ya go. i understand there is a oil problem with alll the rb's with drainiage back down to the sump thats easly fixed. so is it really the simple just bolt up and thats it any info would be great from people tha have done this conversion before thanks :worshippy::worshippy:
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what car is it going in and why a 25 gearbox?

its going into a r32 gts-t shell it has been converted for a gtr engine and the 2.5 box is because its not a gtr shell and the 2ltr box would be able for the gtr engine well it would be but wouldn last 2 long

Building a 30 now meself. ^^^ What stage are you at with it? If you're looking for a full conversion or anything like that give Martin in a shout. His username is sweeney87 on here.
skylinesaustrailia is a good pace for rb30 information
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