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here is a pic of the engine everything still connected

the first parts to remove will be the obvious ones...airfilters and assorted pipework, twin turbo pipe, just as much stuff out of your way as possible really

water pipes and lambda sensors are better removed, removal of the exhaust rocker cover is optional (i dont like the risk of contaminating the head with dirt or worse still a rogue washer/bolt so left it attached)

there are 4 nuts on the downpipes to remove, whilst you are there its a good time to attempt to remove the bolts in the block that hold the lower turbo brace on...they can be removed with the braces still attached to the turbos

downpipe connection

the power steering pump needs droping back too, just remove the main bolt and hold it back with ties

next up are the manifold bolts.....the two bolts under the manifold look really hard to get at

a short ratchet will however reach under it provided the power steering pump is removed to gain access;)

with all of the bolts on the turbo removed there is a last connection behind the turbo, once pulled forward a bit its also reachable

front turbo removed

removal of the rear turbo is the same as the front one and a little easier with the extra clearance gained

install is reversal of removal:D
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