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GTR's biggest rival goes Head to Head at Japfest KR Stand!

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We will be attending Japfest this Saturday at Castle Combe but instead of having a big trade store, our stand will be concentrating on promotion only.

Something special this time as you will get to see two of the greatest rivals go head to head ;)

Although we will not be taking any display stock, we can take small bits and bobs on request via this thread or pm and we will also offer huge discounts if orders are taken on the day.

So please speak to myself (Albert) for any products you might want, we will take the order on the day and dispatch the products on Monday on a NEXT DAY Delivery.

Cash and Card payments accepted.
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wish i could read between the lines:)..head to stock....
i missing something here arent i
haha... yes sorry guys... this is primarily promotional stand we have this year... we normally have a full on store with products but as we have been rather busy in the past year on our extended side of the business we are really finding it difficult to allocate time to prepare for show stands and also the risk of damages everytime.

However, we will still offer discounts on the day, just on a next day delivery ;)

But as mentioned, we are prepared to take products there if you inform us now :)
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