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Well the GTS-T has gone did a deal for an R32 GTR Vspec

Ok a couple of problems i need to solve:
it Has a misfire from startup throughout the rev range
Things ive tried tonight in the dark!
Pulled off afm plugs one at a time and it dies
it has 2 Apexi afc boxes fitted?
tapped ignitor with change
other things ive noticed...i could hear it sucking air and traced it to the end of the fuel rail (circular piece) it had a t piece that all the pipes were off....put them back on but its still the same.
Also noticed injector number 1 looks a little wet at the base?
Tommorrow i,ll track down which cylinder has gone down, check coils, plugs etc
Also smells very rich!

Any help would be great and i,ll get some pics up asap

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should i disconnect the apexi afc's and return to standard?
Is it ok to pull the injector lead off whilst the engine is running to determin which cylinder has dropped off?

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Started it this morning and from cold it runs on all 6 cylinders then drops off when it gets up to temp?
Any ideas?
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