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gtst pelum to gtr style

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How hard is this to do i have found them lol ebay for only 300. i know some people have trouble with injectors whos done this

Also thinking of getting some evo 7 seats but i am running full gtr at mo what do people think to changing
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Plenum - you pay for what you get but as long as the casting is of a high standrd then the rest can be sorted if you have the ability to DIY. I got one from ebay and it took some work to get it to a functional plenum.

Seats - personal choice, I've got gtr in mine but evo's in a starlet and although the evo's are probably a better seat for holding you in, I'd choose the gtr's for allround comfort and longer journeys
theres peeps on here that modded a standard GTS-t plenum to GTR style, hit search and you should find pics of the plenum being butchered and welded up

i've got a pair of horribly expensive Sparco seats and then a pair of GTR 32 seats, i prefer to sit in the GTR ones anyday
thanks for the replys not sure if to buy the plenum or not more so for looks dont want to cut the standard one, can diy think will when moneys back flowing was the one you brought off uk performance uk on ebay come as complete kit but no gasket i presume i could buy standard gasket got to be some thing like
I bought mine from these

They haven't got an RB25 one listed at the moment.
The one on the ad though has the same idle control valve flange that is on mine. It's wrong, I had to drill and tap new mounting holes.
Non of the temp sensors were driled and tapped either.
The mounting holes for the fuel rail were drilled and tapped but whoever did it was pissed at the time I think and the cast it sits on wanted to put the rail off centre to the injector ports so had to bend the mounting tabs on the rail to square it up.

It's also designed for Q45 throttle body so you've either got to find a Q45 or similar or I bought and adapter plate from ebay to fit standard.

All it comes with is the 4 vacuum take offs, oh and even one of the holes for them had weld in the threads somehow so that had to be retapped.

It's not the hardest thing to sort out but after that you've got water pipes to bypass that are no longer used and a few wires to lengthen, then tidy them all up as 99% of the stuff is bolteed to the underside of the standard plenum

what it looks like fitted but without the waterpipes fitted
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i bought an isis manifold from these guys...

same as andygts, had to do some work with a dremel and do some drilling to make it fit, but it seems to be working fine. the injector holes were very slightly out when matched to the fuel rail so getting the o-rings in was a delicate job.

if you want a plug and play unit, spend the money and get a greddy one, i would imagine these would be a much better fit. also if you're going to use the standard throttle body don't forget to buy the greddy adaptor as these manifolds are designed to take a bigger one as standard (90mm?).

here's mine fitted...

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THAT LOOKS REALLY GOOD Hope to run that sort of power my self one day, want one more so now, how hard to upraise the mainfold better for turbo changes oil feed need making longer take it also which is best for money
There have been a couple of threads recently about the pros and cons of these; suggest reading these first imho.
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