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i have struck a deal and am able to get hold of 6 sets maybe more.

This high quality HID kit will transform the dipped headlights. The 4300k bulbs give a light similar to OEM bulbs fitted to new cars (BMW, Audi etc).
Kit includes 2 ballasts, 2 bulbs and wiring

Fitting is straight forward and a guide is included with every kit.

price delivered to your door will be £130

there are two different types available


all payments must be made via paypal. if you would like a set please put your name done.

many thanks

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Looks like the same kit I used in my car (thread here). I converted to dual high beams and used relays + a separate power harness for mine - took around six hours all in. Would have been a lot quicker just doing a straight replacement. Not difficult at all to install.

Only thing is, my kit only cost £99 delivered, and that included the optional separate power harness...

Think I'vve got a pick of the ballasts etc at home - will check tonight, but I'm fairly sure it's the same kit.
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