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Happy Christmas and New Years!

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Hi Guys,

Just to say, hope everyone has a fantastic christmas and new year whatever you have planned.

Hopefully people can get home for christmas with this crazy blanket of snow we have at the minute.

I, myself (Dan) will not be here from tomorrow the 23rd until the 4th of January but if you have any major issues please call the office on 08450 212 312.

Please bare in mind our opening dates/hours also, shown here:

Merry christmas and happy new year, don't get too drunk! ;)

Have a good one!

Dan, Ed, Paul, Debbie and the rest of the Japspeed team. :cool:
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meryy christmas and a happy new year to the japspeed crew as well :):)
Got some of your parts on my car so a happy xmas to you is in order me thinks so .......
Happy xmas Japspeed! :D
Hi Guys,

Happy new year!

I trust you all have a great christmas and new year!

Thanks for your messages.

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