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going to strip the hcr32,
some parts is ok condition, but some not too good.
big item will be collect in birmingham, or arrange the couriers by your self.
small item can post at buyer cost.

left side seat....ok £15
in-side air con sensor.....good working order £15
stereo surrounding......good £20
rear seat.......ok £15
rear door card......ok £10
rear side window surrounding too good, but still cover the metal. £5
nismo gear knob chrome ..... ok £15
roof liner (no sun roof) one pices.....ok £15
rear parcel slef cover .... ok £5
boot trim.....not too good, but will cover the metral and the side £5
rear carpet 3 pcs set ... ok £10
right hand side corner lens, clear and orange bit ... ok £40
wheels nuts 10 pcs only in black 19mm size £10
oem manifold ... ok £25
oem turbo ... ok £100
oem radiator ... ok £100
blitz bov on hot pipe ... ok £80
HKS speed defancer... ok £50 (de-limited 180km)
some brand new item never fitted
s/s manifold £175
s/s turbo elbow £70
fmic kit £280
hid kit h4 hi/lo beam set £180
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