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Hi all am planning to send off my headlights in a few weeks to have them retrofitted with more modern lights. Interested to know those of you that have had them done what did you have done and how do they look and perform? Also did any of you go for options like sweeping indicators ect like modern cars or any other options to differ from the norm.

I'm in the camp that I want mine to be stock looking but am also open to some options that modern cars have like the running lights/sweeping indicators and also thinking about the option of maybe changing the smoked interior plastic to something better suited to brighten up the lenses.

Please post up some pics and details of what yiu have had done. My car is a R33 GTR by the way so anything specific to that model would be appreciated. 馃憤

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I had my standard headlights retrofitted with bi-xenons by a company in Glasgow. They are much brigher than the standard candles, with a really strong cutoff game so as not to dazzle other drivers.

You will have to watch come MOT time as the testers have been advised to be much stricter on cars that have newer systems fitted in older headlights - presumably this is to deter people from fitting xenons/LEDs with zero cutoff or pattern.


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i had my headlights fitted with audi bi-xenon projectors 14 years or so ago,fitted in original mounts and never had issues
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