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RB20 to RB25/30 conversion!

Hi, I'm trying to do a similar conversion, I have a R33GTS with a 2.0L Non turbo.
I am building a RB30 engine Non Turbo with an RB25 Head.

The problem is the RB20 runs a dizzy, and the RB25 head has coil packs

I intend to use the RB25 ECU, should plug into my current wiring loom

I've found the wiring diagrams for both ecu's and most pin outs are the same, there are a few that are in a different position in the plug and need to be moved

There are 6 pins that signal the coil packs that are not on the RB20 ECU

My next stage is to look at my wiring loom and see if these wires are actually there and if so where do they go to

If they are it should be just a matter of wiring them to the coil pack amp, If not then i'll have to run 6 wires from the ecu to the coil pack amp

Will try and take a look at the loom this w/e and let you know

... but any advise or info from anyone who may have already done this would be greatly appreciated!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts