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Hiya people, joined up on the forum for a mate who wants a few parts for his car and see what mods he can do to it.

Heres a few pics of my car and a short speclist.

Nissan Pulsar (Sunny) GTI-R
2.0 Turbo 4x4
Apexi boost controller set up for 0.4bar boost and setting B 0.9bar boost
Apexi afc and knock sensor controller
Hks Mushroom filter
Forge Dump valve
Forge front mount intercooler
Mocal oil cooler
Upgraded Hybrid turbo with uprated actuator
HKS Boost guage
Straight through "Screamer" Exhaust pipe, no cat, baffles or back box :shock:
Standard front strutbrace
Rear "Spats" JDM strutbrace
JDM Nissan Pulsar mats
Tomei Gearknob
Aftermarket steering wheel
Godspeed 308mm 4-pot calipers
16" Rays JDM alloys in white
Battery located in boot
Braided fuel and brake lines
Walbro Fuel pump
Blitz access super computer ECU
HKS spark plugs
GAB Full suspention kit

The list carries on..


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Nice lil car matey.

I may go for one of those when I kill my skylark LOL:grinno:

Ive got to have over 400 bhp just to keep up :dogpile:

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Welcome to the forum, lovely pulsar you've got there, although how come your not running more boost? when my spec was similar to that i ran mine at 1bar low and 1.2bar high, she ran fine like that for years.
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