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hello from worcester

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hi all just a quick note to say iv found your site,iv got an r33 gts very basic with no turbo ,white in colour and just an induction kit and big bore reactive exhaust.i dont plan to change anything becouse it would be easier to get a gts t,at 48 im too old to start messing about and find it fast enough for my needs,it was great in the snow and was the first time iv drifted to you can see i cant type so forgive the
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Welcome to the club mate and your never too old to start messing about with motors. I'm 45 going on 21 so your in good company here!:cheers:
welcome to the club dude get a few pictures up :D
welcome to the club, hope you enjoy your stay with us and get some pics up when you can
welcome to the club.
Hi a very warm welcome to the club buddy. Would you fancy becoming a world record holder, and doing your first national show? If you fancy this checkout this thread, and PM me asap.
Enjoy your stay with us mate, Cheers.
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