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Hello... names Andrew

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Hi my name is Andrew I'm 20 years old, I live in the Bay Area, California. Skylines give me wet dreams. Cars are my passion and life. I love Nissans, my 3 dream cars are (last to first)

Nissan 240sx fastback s13 - own.
Subaru WRX STI - I know its not nissan but I love it.
Nissan Skyline R32, R33. GTR of course

So about a year ago i bought a 92 gts-t r32. it was the most beautiful car I've ever seen despite the horrid front end damage. I bought a half clip with it to fix it with plans to rebuild the beast. Everyone for miles around magically got my number and started hitting me up to see a real skyline in person. after months and months of planning getting quotes talking with friends i was finally ready to build her up. and suddenly tragedy struck. I lost my job so plans screeched to a halt smashing my dreams. with no money to pour into my baby i turned to a quicker slightly easier solution. RB swap my S13. Now I'm stuck with basically a skyline shell and i don't have the heart to just throw her in some random junkyard to rot till shes crushed but I'm going to have to. I need to finish my project and i need the room in the garage.

So I thought might as well see if anyone needs spare parts or what. things i took out are: rear sub-frame assembly, motor+tranny, engine harness. Basically all I have is from windshield back. PM me please and let me know if you need anything and ill let you know if i have it.
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P.S. sorry about the 100 post rule but i dont have time to get to 100 posts with out spammin a ton of junk. oem parts arent very common in the US and it would be a shame to just throw all of it away. please make an exception this one time
Its a shame you have to get rid of it, Skylines are so rare in the States, if you can hang onto it until you have the cash to get it sorted. Either that or advertise the shell locally surely someone will want it!!!
Hey Andrew, are you willing to deliver to Oregon...?
the whole car lol?

here is pics of her

what part of oregon my buddy has family up there
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