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help me!!!! car wont start, relays ticking, lights dont work.

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hey everyone. my car started up fine yesterday. but today it wont start. when i turned the key the relays in the bottom left side started clicking. and nothing will work. when i turn my lights on they dont come on and everything just shuts off. when i press my horn everything shuts off and i can hear the horn fuse just buzzing. i cant turn my interior lights on. it just buzzes too. i cant start the car anymore.

its a nissan skyline r32 coupe 1993
i put a 25det in it and it has been running fine.

i checked my batter voltage from + terminal to - terminal and it reads about 11.5v but when i go from + terminal to ground anywhere it reads about 8.5 volts

my whole dash is now out. thought it would be easier to sort the wires out if it is a wire probelm.

it also does have an immobilizer and alarm wired up.
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Battery died? Or.. maybe bad earth somewhere. My moneys on sudden battery death, this does happen sometimes. You should see just over 12v with the engine off.
Do you have a spare battery about? Maybe take yours off and charge away from the car?

Good luck with the fix..
Mine does this from time to time. Not sure if its down to the Clifford alarm or the battery leads but if I disconnect the negative and reconnect it works fine.

Worth a shot mate
Put a jump lead from the battery earth to a good earth point on the car and try starting again
ive got a spare battery that is in my daily car. and it still does the exact same thing. today i will try and pull my altinator and battery side of the loom out so i can check wires and clean corrosion if nessary :) ill tell you how that goes :) thanks guys :)
okay thankyou speedr33per i went fron negative terminal to ground and it works now. now the car is running im only getting 11 volts at the battery does that mean my altinator if stuffed? :)
No it means you have lost an earth between the battery and chassis so make sure the earth from battery to chassis isn't broken and check all other earths as well

Then once all earths are ok re check the charging at the battery
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