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Help me please :-)

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I have just binned my R33 front end :-(
I need a new reo/crash bar but i'm having a few issues with finding what i want, I have the GTR bumper on my car and the GTR crash bar (now bent out of shape)
I was wondering if the regular support bar would infact support the bumper or do i need the GTR bar????
It's confusing me as the bars are the same fitment, same size but the GTR bar has an extra support down the front which the bumper sat in nicely.
Basically do i have to use the GTR support bar????
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Depends if your bumper has the air ducts either side of the numberplate?
It has a small vent above the plate, a large intercooler vent and yeah 1 either side but i'm thinking of changing the bumper if i can't get it fixed
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