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This is probably in the wrong place but i find it hard navigating around and being new to a forum doesnt help any either. Anyways im buying a Skyline GTS-t soon and i was wondering is there anything to look for??

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What model? R32, R33?
Common problems for both models....
Radius arm bushes, leak at around 100,000kms.
Upper arm bushes , ditto. (cant remember the proper name, its a short arm above the front wheels)
Coilpacks - Usually from 120,000kms.
Exhaust manifold studs - The nuts come loose and the studs tend to snap off in the head
AFM - Usually gets dry solder joints. It can be resoldered

R32 - Under the intake manifold is a rubber hose about 3" long, that leaks. (R32 owners who have delt with that are cringing now)
Left and center air vents usually break, just due to sun damage.
I'm sure I have missed a few other minor bits

Turbo - Can last a very long time depending on how they are treated. Side to side shaft play is bad. Also check for oil in the pipework after the turbo. If there is a significant amount the turbo seals have gone.

Make sure its not running stupid boost levels, as that can fry an engine very quick

I bet some will mention fuel pump, suspension etc etc BUT you are always going to have parts fail due to age, every car has problems.... Its all down to maintaining a car. But the above list is a general idea of common issues, none are too hard or expensive to fix! If treated right, the RB is bulletproof!

Check the firewall tag matches the engine - It should be stamped with RB25DET or RB20DET
Skylines are good for not rusting, but check along the firewall, under the guards, bottom of the rear screen, sunroof if it has one. Check the boot and under the spare wheel for water. Good sign of a leak if its wet

Really all basic stuff you would check when looking to buy any sort of car
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