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from stock to top mount?? ok here goes

new inlet manifold
new throttle body
new injectors
new exhaust manifold
new complete exhaust system
new oil lines
new turbo
new inlet pipework
fmic with all pipework
new afm (depends on ecu)
blank off water lines
new fuel pump
new boost controller
new ecu
new clutch to handle extra power
better or bigger brakes
better suspension
replace any tired bushes
better tyres

thats a quick list off the top of my head
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If you go top mount all you need is.

-Top mount exhuast turbo manifold
-New oil feed line[can't use stock oil feed line because its shaped for stock]
-New oil return line[have to use a longer hose then stock]
-External waste gate
-Custom downpipe turbo exhaust
-Custom front pipe off downpipe to cat
-**nice to have a manual boost controller**

**if using stock turbo on top mount**
-block off external wastegate port on turbo manifold[welded]
-re adjust the exhaust turbo housing if it's hitting anything[take bolts off and turn turbo housing]
-modify downpipe to be longer to reach the stock front pipe exhaust.

for FMIC
-cut a hole below the chassis,[driver side] under the window washer water bottle, so the intercooler pipe off the j-pipe enters through it to the front of the car.
-mount FMIC onto the front bumper chassis using 2 brackets
-buy extra intercooler pipes and blue rubber bending hoses to extend the exhaust hose to the other side of the FMIC

**Easier route for FMIC**
-Buy FMIC which has both inlet and outlet pipes on on side, then just buy extended pipes and hoses to reach FMIC
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