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Hey big chief!!

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Haha! Look what I found at Hockenheim this weekend in Germany!

I suppose we will see this at the IDS street class level next year!:bigthumb:
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yup! Slowly getting the hang of things. A bit too much for him i think, but plenty of room for learning! Will for sure be a car to watch so I hope he doesn't fee too much pressure! :p
if he gets stuck ill come over and drive it for him lol
haha! lol! Well they do say best mod to a car is the driver! Don't think you can fit into his suit and helmet though!!!
lol well he knows where i am if he needs a decent driver lol
Seeing this car not being driven by BIGMAN just isn't right. :(
as above not the same with out the big man at the wheel
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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