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Hey Guys

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Hey Guys! I am about to do some mods on my R33 GTST and I want to let you guys know what im doing incase anyone knows a problem that may come up! Okay first im replacing the oem intake manifold with a greddy replica. Then I am thinking of putting a 70mm throttle body on. Next, I found a top mount turbo manifold kit with an upgraded turbo so ill be doing that. And finally I will be replacing the stock intercooler with a front mount.
Thanks for reading and let me know if theres anything to look out for!
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Got an ECU to run it all? ....and a tuner to make it all run nicely?
Upgraded injectors?
If the manifold and turbo are the El Cheapo type, I'd avoid. I've seen some cheap "package" deals and I wouldn't dream of putting them near my car.
Got links of the items you're looking to buy?

Have a look at the tuning guide on here, all parts and what needs doing are listed etc to reach specific power goals. (do a search, it's a sticky thread)

edit now I have more time - there are a LOT of small bits n pieces you'll need to do when fitting these parts. For eg; extend wiring for the TPS, remake pipework between the fmic and throttle body (not hard but takes ingenuity), new feeds for idle/cold start valves, new place for the BOV, remake the front part of the exhaust, new oil (and possibly water) lines to/from the turbo etc etc etc. Nothing is as simple as "just bolting it on".....

I think you need to do a LOT of homework about the extras involved in fitting these parts.... Like is a top mount turbo even necessary for your power goals?
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What are your power goals buddy? Is it totally necessary to go top mount? Why not a hybrid? Would be alot less hassle with a hybrid but as great white said youll need a tunable ecu be it stanalone or piggy back and someone to tune it, id recommend greg at ptotuner. also what about an upgraded fuel pump? What are your current mods?

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Oops just noticed i pretty much asked the same questions as great white :D

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Hey guys thanks for the insight! I have 600cc injectors not in yet. I am just collecting the parts right now to install when I have it all ready. I do not have an aftermarket ecu so I guess I should get one? Im really only looking for around 450hp. And no I don't need the top mount I just found a kit and want to get rid of the garbage stock turbo. Can you send a link of a hybrid turbo that I could use?
Why not ask conceptua for your turbo and ecu.when I get my money together I will be getting a 430bhp kit from them:dogpile:
Conceptua sorted me out with a tailored kit for a goal of 400bhp. I spoke to Chris and was more than helpful!,

Just have a chat about your goals ect and they will sort you out with exactly what you need. I've heard good things about their turbos too, many options available

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have you bought brand?

remember - buy cheap, buy twice!
As already said by other members, you really need to do your research. Top mount turbo and changing fuelling is not difficult but it's not cheap either. I would seriously look at your budget before starting this project. The Hybrid turbo is definitely the cheapest way to go if you looking for 400-450bhp power goal.

I'm not that knowledgeable but would think that 600cc injectors would be overkill for this power. Another quick question is; are the injectors definitely for an RB25? Most injectors you see for sale are for the RB26.

When I first bought my GTS-T it had 555 Nismo injectors and ran 430bhp with a RSP hybrid turbo and ECU.
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