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Hey guys,

Im new to this forum! I admit, im a student, I dont drive a Skyline, I actually drive a 1.0ltr Corsa, but I admire everything about Skylines, sweet ass cars!

Theres a chick at work and her bf has a skyline. Her name is Becky, but I dunno what the bf is called! Saw the sticker in his window and knew I had to take a look! So here I am!

Feel free to diss my ride (if u can call it that hahaha!), but we were all there once right?! First car and all that (im 18)!

So yea, wat do u ppl think of the up and comin R35?? I've heard about it, but ive not seen photos! (if there are any!?)

Hoping you will all accept me into the holy tribe.

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