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Hi, another newbie

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Just want to say Hi, and ask a couple of questions please.

I might be getting rid of my impreza type r, swapping it for a r33 gtst on a n-plate.

What are these like, 0-60 top speed ect and what power can the engine and gearbox handle before you need to change turbo and the internals?

Any typical problems I should look out for?

Thanks for you time.


Sorry just read the pm of the rules and no questions are allowed to be asked.
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you will get around 310-330bhp at the fly with the stock turbo at 0.8 bar and supporting mods

tuning guides
Thanks for the reply and info,

Hello and welcome, have a read of those guides they will help you.

1 thing i will say is that if you are coming from a imprezza then you will probs be a little disapointed with the initial performance. 0-60 wont be as quick as the scoob. its only after 100 that the skyline comes into its own, you need to remember that these are 2 entirely different cars

Cheers for the post Chris:)

No problem :)

What usually happens is someone comes from a subaru background and wonders why their newly purchased skyline feels slower.

We do usually advise newbies to use the search function as they tend to repeat the same questions over and over, but its an easy mistake to make, and not one that warrants any snotty pm's???

Anyway have a good look round and anything you cant find, or are unsure about then just ask away mate:cheers:
Big welcome from me!!
welcome to the club.
Welcome, your making the right move :)
hi and welcome mate.

anyone changing from a scooby is a good thing! :D
welcome to the club dude i changed from a scooby myself & have never looked back still have that skyline smile :D
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