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Hiya Guys

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Hiya people, im new to the Skyline ownership, just swapped my range rover hse for my R33 GTST! Got the car earlier today, with a few good choice mods, shes running 300bhp on the rolllers and sounds and looks awesome! Will get photos up soon, just wondering what to look out for on these? Dont know much about them, so what are the pros and cons of these beasts! Speak to you all soon, Tommy!!:ylsuper:
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if its a bit tuned coilpacks probably will be an issue unless they are changed already,welcome to the forum!
Big welcome from me!
Cheers guys, now to just get her insured fully!
welcome mate
me hotfoot and stig's nemesis are your area reps
contact us if we can help ya with anything

welcome to the club get some pics up.
welcome to the forum as always check to find your local area rep for shows and meets.

and ALWAYS put some pics up of your skyline lol.
Lol yeah no worries guys, pics will be up very soon!! im loving the skyline, just need to get her insured!! im 22years old, no convictions, driving 5 years but only got 2 years ncb!! Ouch! lol be happy to pay around £1200
welcome to the club,

pros excellent cars
cons will drain you of every cent you have lol
Hey welcome along...

Have a look at [email protected] he does very good insurance
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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