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Hi all,

We have just received our long awaited special order HKS racing exhaust systems for the R33 and R34 GTR only. The systems are stainless steel 100mm pipework straight upto the downpipe so you no longer need a decat pipe and they come with a titanium rear back box which again is straight through. We have only 1 of each (R33/R34) in stock and are the only HKS dealer in the UK that can supply them at this time. They are extremely special pipes, made to order and they have never been imported in the UK previously by anyone.

As they are so special unfortunately they come at a special price which is £ 820+vat.

They are however simply stunning and look much like a Hiper Muffler which HKS produce in the main.

The system also comes with its very own removable silencer for the tailpipe.

These exhausts are specially designed for high power Skylines,

Of course I have one on my car :dance:

Get them whilst they are hot, there is only 2!

Andy Barnes
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