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HKS Pressure Dial (I assume boost).

Surplus to requirements (already got one). 7.5" Circumference of body, 9" circumference of dial face. Some minor surface blemishes on outside dial (quick fix with some sand paper & some aerosol). No cables just dial!

£60 posted (cheque, standard parcel)
£65 posted (paypal, signed for service)

HKS Glove Box Dial Holder

The uber rare item. This one fits snugly into my R33 GTST. Bare unit with space for two dials and two square HKS units (turbo timers, evac thingy...). Dials are the 7.5"/9" type above.

£120 posted (cheque, standard parcel)
£125 posted (paypal, signed for service)

Items can be collected & I don't do "dibs" ;) Preference is given to cheque payments, I'm not a big paypal fan! NOTE: Temperature gauge pictured IS NOT FOR SALE/INCLUDED!!!!!

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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