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HKS EVC 4 Solenoid Help

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Hi all,

In following the installation instructions for fitting a HKS EVC 4 boost controller I bought second hand I'm a bit confused about what to do with one of the ports - it doesn't appear on the instructions.

I've labelled the image with what it says in the instructions, but port number 4, on the opposite side to the other three, has no information.

Could anyone help?
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Hi Duke, on my evc4 it has a rubber plug capping it off.
Checked the instruction manual and it doesn't get a mention except that it has to face down.
If you need a copy of the manual and operating instruction I can email it over.

edit, just realised you have the manual
Thanks Ian, mine came with a cap too, but it had a 2mm hole in the top so I figured what's the point in having it! On yours is it completely blanked off?

I printed out a copy of the instructions I found online but the solenoid looks more rounded in the diagrams than the square one I have. Maybe I have the wrong ones!
It has a small hole in the end of it so can only guess its there to drain any condensation out of the unit.
If you want a copy of my manual operating instructions just shoot me an email to
[email protected] and you can check mine agaist the one you downloaded.
Hi guys, I have a similar problem with my hks evc4... But mine doesn't appear to have any hose coming out port no. 3?=S and I can't seem to find where I should connect a hose to etc?!

Can someone please help=0 I've been wondering why this thing hasn't been working since I got the car lol
Dragging this up from the past a bit, but just seen this saying about port 4 needing to be mounted facing down, been having problems setting mine up as it's been overboosting, could this be the cause?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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