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right m8s im looking for some feed back about a repair i was thinking of doing to my hks super drager back box
the prob is that the baffles have fallen apart into the back box ,
but the baffle is to big to get out without cutting the can open ? :swear:
there is nothin in there anymore just a baffle in a massive back box all the stuffin has gone :( so its just rattling about inside and doing my head in !
will this be slowing my car down as it is ?

i have been thinking of cutting it open and taking the baffle out and re welding the rear box back up what are your thoughts on this ???????

its even crossed my mind to fit a straight tube the same bore as the baffle inside the back box in stead of the baffle so from the outside it looks like normal but its a straight through can like i have done in the past on race bikes , plus i dont think it will be any louder as there is nothin in there anyway :apoke: will this work ?

i am going to buy a new exhaurst at some time soon but you know how it is running a car and a house and just come back off holiday etc etc so im just looking for a fast repair to get me by till ive made my mind up have exhaurst to go for and saved the cash etc

a little help please m8s :alco:

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if the baffle gets in the exhaust flow path it will obviously be restricting but if it its just rattling around i guess it will only be annoying, not slowing you down

welding up a used exhaust can be tricky as some catch fire :D

fitting a straight tube sure will work but will make it louder i guess as theres no space to catch some noise, why not drill a fair number of holes in that straight tube and fill the back box with some steel wool before you weld it up
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