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Hey guys and gals, I'm new to the site. Recently bought an R33 GTS-4, which will hopefully be the first of many skylines to come over the next several years. I collect it on Thursday, bought it a week or so ago - can't wait to get my hands on it!

I'll be making a few changes to it, partly because it needs it and partly simply because I want to... Never really bothered doing anything to my cars in the past, so it should be a nice new challenge for me.

One question that I've already found myself asking is - because the GTS-4 is a bit of a hybrid, which parts / mods are compatible with it? Parts off the GTR or should I be using GTS parts?
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Hi bud welcome to the club, i bet you cant wait till thursday and its gonna really drag till then lol, the GTS-4 is 4 wheel drive a nice motor, Yr be able to change a few parts from both GTR/GTS mate, got any pics of the beast?....Keith
Big welcome from me!
welcome to the site :) any pics dude?
Welcome bud. Im only down the road so if you want any help with things then give me a shout. Few more around the area as well, why don't you join a us in a few weeks time for a meet,

welcome to the club get some pics up.
Hi a very warm welcome to the club buddy. Would you fancy becoming a world record holder, and doing a national show? If you fancy this checkout this thread, and PM me asap.
Enjoy your stay with us mate, Cheers.
Welcome aboard mate,pics needed please!!!:bigthumb:
Thanks guys, I'll post up pics as soon as I get a proper internet connection. I've only just moved down from Aberdeen and I'm waiting for internet connection to be restored - currently having to do everything through my mobile. I'll definitely take up on your offer Chris, this is one car I want to take care of. Might take awhile though as I'm still unpacking.
welcome to the forum from another newbie, all the best and hope to meet you in the future sometime, maybe the skyline perade.....
No worries mate, after all im not far away
Well I've finally got myself sorted and here she is:

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