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I have here a Power FC ECU Unit, but I don´t know if its a D-Jetro or L-Jetro... as there is no sticker on it... only the serial number...

How can I find out which system it is? Or is it the same unit, and I can choice to use AFM or MAP Sensor?



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contact rising sun performance with the serial number,if they cant find out i dont know how you could identify it without powering it up

414AN029 NISSAN SKYLINE GT-R 1989-1998 L6 2.6 Turbo ; RB26DETT
414AN025 NISSAN SKYLINE GT-R 1999-2002 L6 2.6 Turbo ; RB56DETT

414AN012 NISSAN SKYLINE GT-S 1994-1998 L6 2.5 Turbo ; RB25DET
414AN008 NISSAN SKYLINE GT-S 1998-2001 L6 2.5 Turbo ; RB25DET

theses are the part numbers,dont know if thats any help
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