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Ive recently brought a R32 GTR
The rough engine spec when brought was
550 injectors
uprated fuel pump
apexi filters
HKS step 1 cams
Apexi Power FC
All this was setup by RB motorsport before being purchased.

Ive been looking at spool up times as i expected 2530s to spool up a little later than the standard ones, but this is not happening till 5000revs.
Ive taken it in to have it looked at and tried a number of things, like, having the cam timing changed both ways positive and negative to see if it will make any difference, but no change.
So we actually tried seeing what the turbos were. And it seems the model number has been etched off, which leads me believe that the turbos are actually bigger than 2530s.
Is there any other way of telling what they actually are?


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