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How much shorter are gtr shockers ?

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I'm just on with a project and I've got bits all over Im trying to work out which shockers I need I think gtr shockers are shorter than hrs ? If so by how much.
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theres a sticky on here regarding swapping gts to gtr suspension mate, should have it in there somewhere, drops it a fair bit thoug :) .
thanks mate , no ive made my 200sx 4x4 using some stagea parts and gts but i got no stagea shocks and they mount in a differant place to miss the front shafts jusy trying to work out my angles looks like i need some gtr ones then lol
Stageas use specific shocks on the rear.
They have heavier damping and springs as its an estate so not much use for a GTS (or GTR)
Stagea front suspension is pretty much 33 GTR . Again the standard stagea damping and spring rate are different although you can swop with GTR units.
thanks mate i got a full stagea front setup subframe arms etc.... just no shockers, its for this silly conversion im on with . just having issues trying to mount the subframe to the body its completely differant to the gts what do gts4's run do i just need to make it fit ? haha
No conversion is silly if thats what you want so I would persevere as there cant be that much difference.

Using stagea stuff should allow you to get awd using an RB25 ( theoretically ) I imagine you will need a GTR gearbox for the transfer box.

You can certainly fit a GTR front end to a Stagea although I would use GTR shocks as stagea ones will be too high . You will probably also be better with a GTR anti roll bar as the stagea one is really soft.

So your problem sounds like the GTS and GTr subframes are different ?.
I am not sure if the GTS and GTR subframes can be swopped over or just that the top mounts are different .
If thats the only problem then you can use GTS top mounts on GTR shocks.

Good Luck
When I converted my old r33 to gtr suspension legs it dropped about 35mm, but the rears needed the bottom mounting bracket changing (not easy) to suit the gts-t hubs.
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