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Hi just done this with my car after getting caught a few times with the rain. just to fallow up with whats said.

Tools needed,

Screwdrivers, Phillips and small flat head. Soldering Iron and Solder.

Time to do the job, 10 Mins.

1. Remove the door card

2. Locate automatic window relay box controller

3. Unplug wires and remove box and take it into your workshop/working area.

4. Carefully open relay box from the front where cables plug in, one clip and bottom and two at top. Use the small flat head to prise open.

5. Once open carefully slid relay board out, its on runners so should be easy.

6. Turn relay board over so you can see the solder points. These should look good with no cracks around them and with no movement.

7. If you find a solder that is broken, hopefully you do otherwise something else is wrong.
Heat your soldering iron up to temperature and heat the broken solder up and put a small amount of solder on top. Careful because if too much solder and bridges the connections then you will probable need a new relay.

8. Once all broken solder have been re-soldered its time to put back together.

9. Back to the car, before you put it all back together again test it out first, plug the relay switch back in and the switch and have a play, fingers crossed all should work.

10. As you did to take it out do the same but in reverse.

Clean up any mess you made and put your tools away for the next time that something goes wrong with your 20 or so year old car! Don't know about you but I will always Love Her!
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