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ok how to get more angle/lock. in some of the pictures my spacer is already installed..

first off here is the view with the steering boot on.

cut off the cable tie and pull the boot back towards the track rod end, so you can see the 30mm lock nut.

the 30mm lock nut will have a locking tab attatched to the rack, bend the tabs back and undo the lock nut Anti-clockwise until it comes completely out of the rack. Cut the lock tab off with a small chisel/screw driver (my locking tab is already cut off as it cant be used once this mod is done)

once you have the track rod off the rack slide on a spacer on the thread of the track rod arm mine is 6mm thick

screw the thread on the track rod arm back into the rack

tighten the 30mm nut up, the screwdriver shows the spacer in place

once done pull steering boot back over to the rack and cable tie back on the rack

Repeat to other side...

the next step is to adjust the toe/tracking on the steering as after you do this mod yr wheels will be toeing in 6mm each side, so undo the lock nut to the track rod end, i measured along the thread 6mm and adjusted the lock nut to this position, then got a pair of grips and turned the track rod arm into the ball joint until the lock nut touched the ball joint and nipped it up tight, then went and got the tracking checked

on the last picture with the spacer installed it gives the rack an extra 6mm each side of travel to the rack, the 30mm nut is the bump stop for the amount of travel/steering of the rack so with the spacer on it spaces the 30mm nut away from the rack.
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