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A step by step guide on how to change the traction and camber arms on the rear of an R33 :)

Camber Arms:

Tools Needed:

2 x Ratchet Drives
2 x 19mm sockets
1 x Power Bar
1 x 19mm rachet spanner (or normal spanner)
1 x Can of WD40 (other penetrating lubes are available)

Take your power bar and 1 of the 19mm sockets and place it on the outside of the nut closest to the hub, take a rachet and the other 19mm rachet and place it on the other side (circled red) Proceed to loosen the nut and bolt combo. Use the same tools to loosen the other nut and bolt combo on the chassis side (again circled red)

You may find the bolt on the chassis side may be difficult to come off, the reason is there is a one way washer on it and it may have moved round in effect jamming the bolt in. If this has happened a pair of mole grips can be used to clamp the washer while using the rachet to turn the bolt untill it has lined up.

If all has went well the arm should easilly slide out and be removed.

Traction arm:

Tools Needed:

1 x Ratchet Drive
1 x 17mm socket
1 x 19mm socket
1 x 17mm spanner
1 x 19mm spanner
1 x Power Bar
1 x Can of Penetrating Lubricant

Very similar process as above

Use the power bar and a 19mm socket and place on the nut at the hub side, use your 19mm spanner on the bolt side and proceed to loosen the combo. For the chassis side use the power bar and 19mm along with the raachet drive and 17mm socket, it seems to be quicker to use the 17mm spanner after the bolt has loosened to get it off.

There are no one way nut/washer combos so after the nuts and bolts are out just slide it out.

Fitting is the reversal of removing

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