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A quick guide on how to remove the front wing on an R33 GtS.


30 mins


Fairly easy

Tools Needed:

2 x Rachet Drives
2 x Long Ass Extensions for said rachet drives
1 x Short Extension for rachet drives
1 x 10mm socket
1 x wire brush
1 x WD40
1 x socket phillips screw drive


I managed it with the wheel on and not jacked up :)

Remove the inner wing plastic cowling with the socket phillips screw drive.

Remove the front bumper ( sorry no pics of this :sorry: )

I started from underneath the car and worked my way up. There are 2 bolts at the bottom. I used the wire brush to clear some rustage and then WD40 them. Use the rachet drive and long extension with the 10mm socket and undo them.

Get the 2 long ass extensions as the next nut is buried deep insdide the wing. A quick blast of WD it came off no hassles.

The next bolt is about 90% of the way up near the A-Pillar. The door needs to be full opened to get into it. Use a long extension and 10mm drive. This one had some rust on it. Be careful you dont damage the paint on the door.

Remove the bolt the is at the headlight next, no problems with this one.

The last bolts are on top of the wing on the chassis, 3 in total. Give them a quick WD and take them off with the 10mm

Barring any serious rusty seizure it should just slide off with no issues.

Thankfully my chassis frame is in really good condition :dogpile:

With the wheel off

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