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there are 6 connection holding your spoiler to your boot, 3 on each side as im sure your aware, 2 of these 3 are screws and are easy to undo and remove the last 2 are clips that are harder to undo are where most people struggle, all you need is a screw driver and a mate to help.
Get the screw drivers head against one side of the clip, lever the screw driver so it pushes the side of the clip in and slowly lift the spoiler. This will cause the one side of the clip holding the spoiler in place to remain pushed against the hole in the boot, and therefore not clipping! Then be very careful, hold it in that position and place the screw driver on the other side of the clip. Lever, lift and hey presto the clip is out. repeat for the other side obviously. If your not careful when holding the spoiler with half the clip out, it will slip down and clip back in, making you start again.

props to Granthem from skylines Australia for some of the info, i found it when i had trouble removing mine so i though id post it for everyone else

if anyone's having trouble hit us up and ill see if i can help
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