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Holts Freeze and Release..
Cobalt HSS drills 2mm & 3mmm..
Left twist HSS drills..
Stud extractor ( 10mm )..
Tap wrench..
Right angle drill attachment..
Electric drill with reverse and adjustable clutch..
Torch with flexible head..
Mirror - dentist style and large..
Automatic centre punch..
Manual centre punch..
Punch centring aid ( home made )..
Mole grips..
Cobalt drill and Easy Out Set..
16 oz hammer..
24 oz Soft face mallet..
Socket adaptor set..
Ace mallet..


Exhaust manifold gasket..
12 new studs..
12 new nuts..
12 new washers..
Exhaust ring gasket set..
2 Turbo oil feed copper washers..
4 Turbo water cooling copper washers..
Oil return pipe gasket..

If your struggling to finds the parts you need. Conceptua Tuning Or Rising Sun Performance in the Traders section sell all the bits you will need.

The PDF files may take a while to load. Please be patient.

PDF R33 GTST/RB25DET Workshop Manual Pages 170-171-172-173-174-175 for Turbocharger Removal, Checking, and ReInstallation..

PDF R33 GTST/RB25DET Workshop Manual Pages 135-136-137 for Exhaust Manifold Removal, Checking, and ReInstallation..

R33 GTST/RB25DET Removing snapped Manifold Studs Guide


If your good with a mig welder, there is an alternate way. If you haven't used one before, Use the guide above!!!!

Make sure the battery is diconnected before you start welding or it will use your wiring loom as an earth and fry it.

**Build the snapped stud up with weld, a little at a time until the weld is clear of the head then weld on a nut. Then simply wind out.
If they are tight and snap the weld, just reweld a new nut and they will wind out eventually.

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