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How to: Skyline Wheel Studs!

First things first, you are going to need the wheel studs to put on the car. I suggest getting ones that are longer than stock because you will more than likely be doing some sort of wheel upgrade in the future.

I picked up some extended (50mm) 300zx (z32) wheel studs for my car here in the states. You can pick up whatever size you need for your car and you may live in a place where you can pick up Skyline specific parts, lucky you!

STEP ONE: Gathering Tools

You will need the following for this job:

1 Hammer
1 Ratchet
1 18mm Socket (I need to recheck this one)
1 10mm Socket (maybe you will)
5 (or more) Studs
1 Lug Remover
1 Jack (jack stands x2 preferably)
1 Can of Penetrating Lubricant (your brand choice)
15 Washers (to fit around the new studs, go to the store and match)​

STEP TWO: Removal of Parts

First part of the removal is to loosen the lug nuts on the side of the car you are working on before the wheel can move freely, in my case this was to loosen them up before I hacked the car up on either side then remove the nuts when I got the car into the air.

The second step in the removal process is to loosen the two bolts on the back of the caliper. This will allow you to remove the caliper being VERY careful that you do not hurt your brake lines in the process and setting it a little back out of the way. I actually allowed the jack down a little further so that I could safely sit all of my stuff down on the ground, and during the removal I actually managed to not even remove the caliper from the rotor. Which brings us to the next step.

Note: This is where your 10mm comes into play, you MAY want to remove the little bolts that hold the brake line in place with the bracket to let things loose so that you are in less danger of breaking something and having to go down the fixing route.

Next, the removal of the rotor. There are two ways of doing this, you can either try to slide the rotor with the caliper on it still off of the studs and keep them together for an easy on and off operation, or you can remove the caliper all the way from the rotor and then slide the rotor off of the car. It is your choice, I chose to do it the aforementioned way.

The last step in the removal bit is to take your can of penetrating lube, spray the back of all of your old studs and take your hammer and beat them out of the back. You will notice that on the front, upper portion of the hub there will be a place where you can remove the studs, this is the place and only place you should knock the studs out and put them in, it is a one-at-a-time operation and just be careful knocking but do give them a good hit.​

The difference will more than likely be amazing, mine look something like this to compare:

STEP THREE: Putting it all Back Together!

Now, using the reverse method of taking the studs out in the special area you can now put your new studs in, it will then look something like this:

This next part is pretty tricky, you need to slide your washers over your new studs enough to cover enough area to give you room to tighten and pull the new studs into the hub. So you slide the washers on, then put a lug nut back on and tighten it up slowly pulling the plug back into the hub. Just make sure you keep an eye out on everything going in straight as you don't want to bend or mess anything up. I took my time and I got mine most of the way in, put all the stuff back and then put the rim on to tighten them the rest of the way in.

Remember, go back a day or two later and tighten your lugs back up because they will have settled then as well if you use this method.​

This is a really easy job, for technical ability I would rate it at a 6/10. If you aren't comfortable, take it to a shop and they will do it for you for a low cost. =)

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If of course possible.... Mine required the hub removing and sticking under a press ;)

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You can go that route but mine was just a driveway thing.
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