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This is not rocket science, but I thought it'd be useful to keep in the FAQ section to make it easily searchable. This is for an R33-GTR (1996).

I was getting flashes from other drivers after fitting my HIDS, so I thought something may be up with the height adjustment...:

Firstly, if you've just replaced your bulbs, it's worth checking that they're sitting correctly in the holder, and that the retaining clip is correctly fastened. The base of my HIDS was a bit fatter than the std halogens so they were a bit fiddly to seat correctly.

Now, if you want to do things properly, you're going to need to do some measuring and marking. My car has had an MOT recently, so I was confident that at least the high beams were ok (I'd only changed dips to HID), so I took a shortcut and adjusted my dips relative to the highs.

Quick check:

Firstly, park your car perpendicular to a wall, around a meter away. Switch on the dip lights:

These are mine after adjustment - the two beams should be at the same level. Before adjusting mine, the offside beam was about 3 inches above the nearside. I found it useful to mark the two levels with a bit of tape so that I could see the effect of my adjusting. I could adjust my dip beams relative to the high beams, but if you've got an unmodified headlamp setup, either use a spirit level or measure from the ground up to ensure that the beams are the same height. Again, a couple of bits of insulation tape to mark the correct height will make things easier.

As I've done the dual headlight mod to my car, switching to high beam gave me my dip beam position relative to the high beam - high is circled in yellow below, dip is the red line.

Again, the pic is after adjustment - before, the offside dip was several inches higher than the level of the high beam.

There are two adjusting screws for the dip beam - one for side-to-side adjustment, and one for up-down: Pic is of the nearside headlamp.

The washer bottle gets in the way a bit for the offside adjusters, but I had no trouble getting in there with a 1/4inch socket ratchet and 8mm socket. "Tighten" the screw to drop the beam, "loosen" to raise.

If you don't have a socket set, it's probably easier to take the washer bottle out - it's a quick, easy job.

Doing it properly:

I've attached a pdf explaining the full procedure for aligning the headlamps. I can't remember where I got the document from, so can't give credit. Not my own work though! Essentially it involves measuring the distance of your headlamp centres from the ground and from the centre of the car, making a corresponding set of marks on the wall, parking 25ft away from the wall and adjusting.


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