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So I have a 2 door R34 GT (RB20DE) and a bunch of spare parts I'm currently restoring. I plan on swapping an R32 RB26 (RWD converted pan), running spare R34 rb20de subframe front and rear, CD009 with Collins Type billet adapter plate, R34 GTR brakes, NISMO 2-way S14 diff, V-Spec axles...

Q: Does anyone have any experience with the swap? Will an rb20de coupe subframe fit under an R32 RB26 with the stock pan? Will it fit with an RB25DET pan with some fabrication? Does a GTT subframe work?

Reason being is I'm currently stationed in Japan and just collecting parts to ship back to the USA. The car will undergo conversion and restoration in my home shop in California.
I am having trouble finding a GTR front subframe for sale anywhere in Japan. I have CNC and Welding access as I work as a fabricator.

Please be detailed in your response, is this thread may be helpful to users in the years to come. All feedback is welcome and much appreciated!
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