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A quick post to say thanks to Ben and Phil for sorting my HSD coilovers out.

I got a set of the HR Rated coilovers with 8 & 6 springs to match. Unfortunately I found them a little to harsh for the roads around me and they sent me a set of 4's to sort it out.

Well I've just put them on (6 front & 4 rear) and now the whole set-up is perfect!

No more bumpy bouncy but still a great ride and now I've got some stiffer springs in my back pocket should I take her to the track.

I was also gobsmacked at how easy it is to change out the springs on coilvers! I did all four in about 3 hours (in the rain!!)

So to summarise: when buying this kit speak to the boys and make sure you get the right setup for your roads.

Cheers Driftworks!
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