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As you may or may not know, on-going development with the HSD HR range means we now have have zinc coating on the dampers for added corrosion resistance.

This has left us with "old" stock of the normal black type coilovers.
There are no other damper differences apart from the coating.

I use these on my personal car, as does everyone else here. No corrosion issues as long as they are maintained (as usual), 99% of coilovers use the same coating.

HSD's are a premium fast road/track coilover, and in our opinion beatable by nothing anywhere near the price. Full spec's can be found in the webshop.

Anyway, cause we're nice, what we are offering is a clearance of these - a one off price of £595 delivered to the UK!!! International shipping isn't a problem, but will be charged as per normal rates.

This is a short-term, telephone order only - 0845 86 92 555

No haggling and no custom spring rates, stock is very limited and ONLY as follows:

R34 GT-T
300zx Z32
350z Z33
EK Civic
Mazda FC
Mazda MX5
Toyota AE111
Toyota JZS147
Toyota JZA70
Toyota JZX90
Mitsubishi Evo CT9A (7,8,9)
Mitsubishi Evo CP9A (4,5,6)
Subaru Impreza GDB
Subaru Impreza New GDB
Vauxhall Monaro VXR8

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