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IC piping with bigger throttle body?

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Hey everyone. Looked around but couldn’t really find an answer.

so I changed the intake mani to forward facing with an 80mm throttle body on my R33 GTST (RB25DET Neo). Does this mean I need/should get larger than my 2.25” ID charge piping? The intercooler also is 3” inlet/outlet (just had reducer to 2.25). Is it hindering with that small of piping for that size TB?
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You don't mention what else has been done IE bigger turbo/increased boost etc, intake pipe size is not overly important unless you're trying to cram very large amounts of air into the motor.
There isn’t much else done to it honestly, but I did forget to mention it’s tuned on 12psi. It also has a greddy bov, 850cc injectors, aem 340lph fuel pump.
Well adding larger TB and pipework unless you plan on going 500+ BHP is just throwing money at it and why the 850cc injectors? Have you got a decent stand-alone ECU? Otherwise, going bigger injectors can cause problems with spry pattern if you're not running a higher pressure system.
Yes it’s tuned on a link g4+ ecu with the 850cc injectors
Probably time to throw a bigger turbo on it, and then it might be worth adding the pipework and TB.
I have a GTW3684 just sitting. Have any recommendations on exhaust manifolds? I’ve heard 6bpoost is pretty good. Or know any for sale? Lol
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