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Idea for ICE setup

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Hi guys look for some ideas on some ICE for the car. Already have boot build with fosgate p1 sub and amp. But the door and shelf speaker are poo, ive read a few review but a lil puzzled as what to get. Im thinking a decent set of component for the front, amp, and if theres any money left something else for the shelf. Budgets £250 max would like to come under this though, was thinking

or at the most but dont really want to be stretching this far

A matched amp power wise, and about £70quid is on deadening and dampning...

Anyone got any ideas?? Not looking for a competition system or something outrageously loud, just something that fills the highs lows mids and gives some good quality so i can enjoy my music (at a decent volume) without it distorting!!! Rock pop dance classical.... ill be playing it all!

Cheers Tom
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how much are you spending on cabling ? normally overlooked, and if you like it loud it might be wise getting a capacitor for the amp as i have read that the small Skyline batteries are not up to much, so to much bass could prematurely age it (or kill it),
And if you have a decent head unit there is no need to buy an amp for the speakers.

My old car I used my jl amp rf amp and the standard speakers, then turned the bass down going through them and it sounded awsome -especially considering the cost.

Hope this helps
ps dynamat -cannot remember the name but its the silver foiled back stuff is brilliant, used sparingly
Hi mate, thanks for the reply, ive got loads of quality heavy gauge cable and decent rcas so i should be ok there, i shulda mentioned ive changed the battery too, its got a nice big Volvo battery in plenty of power. HU wise im running a carputer currently connected via aux on a cheap HU, but im probably gonna go direct into the amp via a sound card and then eq it through the computer. Dont want anything mega bassy just so theres not a void there.
some ice

If you've got a good set of mids & tweets upfront and some bassbox in the back, really you don't need any rear fill unless you're dead keen on having it.
I can't really recommend any as I've been out of the ICE scene for years, go listen to many sets and get the best sounding ones.
I'm currently using upfront a set of Becker SP161X (now taken over by Dynaudio) & a pair of Dynaudio MD100 tweeters. Packages can be found on ebay.
The best idea is to build sealed door pods and so that you get an on-axis sound facing the listener instead of shooting at your ankles.

In the rear shelf you can house a set of 6.5" without cutting any metalwork or fit anything with spacers and the use of a grinder.
Others have used the rear side panels and housed speakers there as its got more space but you have to be a little creative.
I've used loads of sound deadening material to prevent vibration, look on ebay for products. You can use dynamat its good but you're really paying for the name unless you're doing a mega bucks£££ install.

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