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Idle Control Valve on Greddy Style Plenum

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Dear All,

Does anybody have a picture of the idle control valve on a Greddy or Greddy style plenum?

The only two connectors which need to be plugged in are the Knock sensor and the idle control valve(bleu-isch connector). But I just can't find the valve perhaps I am looking for the wrong thing.

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that would prob be a no fella as its under neath. If you do a search there is a post on here with a link to the skykines australia site that has a step by step guide. I think its in apex performance section in there greddy copy manifold thread
yep I posted it in there only recently as Ian is gonna be helping me put mine on lol but for ease of use:
Cheers lads this helped a lot. This thread can be closed!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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