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I have a second hand Ikeya Formula Sequential shifter, well I say second hand, it was basically fitted to the car brand new, set up, run for about 20 miles while setting up then removed...

It is for a R33 GTS-T (ECR33)

Basically I got this in for a customer, he paid in advance for it, I got the car in, fitted it and did quite a bit of other work on the car. Between me doing the work and him collecting the car he got made redundant unfortunately, and couldn't afford to pay the bill, so we came to an arrangement where I took the shifter off and kept it as payment.

It is the shifter it's self and it also has the optional extra digital shift indicator, and it is almost brand new, it cost almost £1200. If I can get something like £850 back I would be happy. Your chance to get a nice bit of kit for a much reduced price...
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